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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Views From The Peak

27 April 2008 - Queens Park Allotment – Midday Onwards
Peak Oil and Glasgow Discs, bring instruments and bring food.
Thinking Transition
Transition Initiatives seek to engage whole communities in finding practical alternatives to the current fossil fuel-led systems and lifestyles, leading to the creation of an Energy Descent Plana timetabled plan for a community to move to a lower energy future which is abundant, truly sustainable, re-localised and beautiful. With the challenges of peak oil and climate change on the horizon it makes sense to start planning a resilient local infrastructure now while there is still plenty of time to think.

Creating Transition
Transition Initiatives are meant to help unleash the collective genius of the community in understanding the issues presented by peak oil. Over the course of the summer Views From The Peak will be discussing transition initiatives in Glasgow in terms of what peak oil means to the city in terms of food, transport, education, housing, green spaces, art, health, waste, energy, and tourism.
Open Transition

Views from the Peak is open to everybody. It will be organised non-hierarchically and aims to encourage mutual aid, compassion, tolerance, and kinship. It also aims to encourage the proliferation of ecological, social, and creative commons in Glasgow.
Transition Initiative in the Pipelineussion – Collective Allotment Project - Food Not Bombs Free Picnic – Seedy Scotland Seed Swap – Guerrilla Gardening – BYO Art – Get Random

Bring tools, bring skills, bring instruments and bring food.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Welcome to Glasgow Autonomous Updates 6 April

Welcome to another Glasgow Autonomy Update.
This weekend, there's a meeting in Glasgow to plan the next Camp for Climate Action. Check the sustainability section and go along with ideas for action.Big Blether 2008 is fast approaching. This is a chance for people from across Scotland (and beyond!) to gather in the countryside and discuss social change from a wide range of perspectives. For more info, or to offer to do a workshop, see the Gatherings section. Have a good week!




Unity Conference - Saturday 12th April

Come along to Unity’s 2008 Conference at the Pearce Institute in Govan, from 11am - 4pm

ALL asylum seekers, refugees and their supporters welcome - please tell your friends to come along as well!

We will have workshops on

Fighting the Fast Track system
What can we do about Angel Housing?
Waiting for the Legacy case
Surviving destitution

How we can make UNITY, the union of asylum seekers, stronger

Setting up a UNITY Women’s Network
Childcare & Lunch available (Please phone Unity Centre 0141 427 7992 to book a childcare place)

Positive Action in Housing Appeal - ongoingCan you give a small but regular donation of £10 per month (orwhatever you can afford) to help Positive Action in Housingprovide food and temporary shelter for destitute asylum seekersin Glasgow?Hundreds of destitute people are now relying on Positive Action inHousing to help them survive hunger and destitution.You can donate in one of the following ways:1. Email home@paih.orgwith any queries or offers of support and we will then contactyou.2. Make A One Off Payment Online: Internet

Banking: Set up a regular payment through your owninternet banking by paying into the following account:Name of Account: Positive Action in HousingCurrent account: 00447398 Sort Code 82 20 00Please remember: if you are a UK taxpayer, please gift aid yourdonation so that we can reclaim 25% from the Inland Revenue.4. Make out a cheque payable to: Positive Action in Housing, andpost to PAIH, 98 West George Street, Glasgow G2 1PJ.---Join the Glasgow Asylum Bail Circle - ongoingDo you have a spare room? If so you could help get an asylum seeker out ofDungavel detention centre. The people sent there have committed no crime andfrequently become depressed and anxious during their detention.If you can offer temporary accomodation and would like to be involved inthis extremely rewarding project, please contact us via the Unity Centre.

The UNITY Centre, 30 Ibrox Street, Glasgow, G51 1AQ. Tel: 0141 427 7992theunitycentre [at] Unity Centre - ongoingUNITY is the new, rapidly growing, union of asylum seekers formed byasylum seekers to fight for greater rights for asylum seekers andsans papiers.

The UNITY Centre at 30 Ibrox Street is open five days a week near tothe Home Office Immigration centre. Here families who are scared ofbeing detained when reporting at the Immigration Centre can 'signin' before reporting so we can quickly alert their lawyers, friends andrelatives if they are detained.We offer friendly, practical solidarity and mutual aid to all asylumseekers, refugees and sans papiers. Phone our 24 hour action line on0141 427 7992 if you need help.The Centre is completley run by volunteers and funded by donations -please get in touch to help this exciting, new project.The UNITY Centre, 30 Ibrox Street, Glasgow, G51 1AQ. Tel: 0141 427 7992theunitycentre [at]************

ANTI-WAR ---Faslane Peace Camp needs visitors!Faslane Peace Camp recently celebrated its 23rd year of directaction to oppose the Trident nuclear submarines stationed 30 milesnorth of Glasgow. Visitors are always welcome, for a day, a week,or longer!Directions: Train from Glasgow Queen Street or 216 bus from JamaicaStreet to Helensburgh Central. Then catch the 316 bus to the peacecamp.For more info and to check the current situation: 01436 820 a Nukewatch film screening - ongoing winning video activist collective

Camcorder Guerillas will belaunching their new film about Nukewatch in November 2007.This film is a must see for all people concerned about nuclear weaponsand their transportation around the UK. Make sure people in your areaget the chance to see this important film. Order a copy now for £10(including action pack and postage) and start to organise a screening inyour area.Get in touch if you want to know more. If you would like a speaker tocome along to the screening that could be arranged. We would need you tobe responsible for booking a venue and making sure the screening ispublicised locally.The Camcorder Guerillas are a voluntary organisation. If you or yourorganisation are able to order an institutional copy (costing £75) youwill be directly supporting the production of the film and your generosity will be appreciated by both the Camcorder Guerillas andNukewatch.Contact: film at or 07788***********

SUSTAINABILITY---Talamh Housing Co-op - ongoingIf you fancy a few days away, and would like to come and help outfor a few days, or just for the day in a busy, sometimes chaoticcommunity, but fun too, then get in touch. Extra help is welcomed inthe gardenesp over the summer months, and with lots of other stuff too!Visitor space is in a basic static caravan with wood burner.Talamh is lucky to be set in 50 acres of land, and is home to 10adults, 4 children, visitors, 4 dogs, a cat and chickens. It's amember of Radical routes, a network of co-ops working for socialchange.For more info contact: or phone 01555 820550 alsosee

Glasgow Critical Mass - Friday 25th AprilA happy coincidence of cyclists (i.e. YOU) getting together to ridethrough Glasgow, have fun and make our streets more human, lesshostile.All welcome!

Last Friday of every month, 5:30pm, George Square---Glasgow Permaculture Network - new groupA Proposal:To establish and develop a Glasgow-based network of individuals dedicated to carrying out hands-on environmental projects based on permaculture principles.Possible projects might include:Backcourt clean-ups / Taking on or helping out with allotments / Guerrilla gardening and intervention / Highlighting neglected places and spaces left over after planning /Outreach work / Food co-opThe network should be independent, autonomous and self-supporting, relying on hands-on voluntary work rather than council or government agency funding.Let me know what you

Climate Camp Organising Meeting - Friday 4th-Sunday 6th April To prepare for the Climate Camp at Kingsnorth Power Station, Kent (4th-11th August). Begins 5th of April 11am and ends 6pm on the 6th of AprilAt the Carnival Arts Centre, 34 Albion St, just off Trongate.see To get involved contact ---**************

TACTICAL FRIVOLITY---Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army - local groupGlasgow Kiss Clowns now meet irregularly at variouslocations - for more info contact mashtram (AT)******************

WORKPLACE ORGANISING ---IWW Meeting - first week in MayClydeside Industrial Workers of the World branch meeting, for workers inGlasgow and surrounding area. Radical union for workers not bosses. Openalso to prospective and lapsed members.enquiries 07910 627 970---Graham Meldrum Memorial Campaign - ongoingGraham Meldrum was killed in a workplace incident on the 12th of July 2005at Allied Bakeries in the Balmore Industrial Estate. He was employed bySuziline Agency contracted to ABF Grains (formerly known as Allied Bakeries)& TNT Logistics UK. His death is now the subject of a prosecution underHealth & Safety Laws.HARD WORK NEVER KILLED ANYONE..? For more information Graham Meldrum Memorial Campaign, GreenCity,23 Fleming St, Dennistoun, Glasgow, G31 1PQ---********************

INDEPENDENT MEDIA---Anarchist History Channel - ongoingHi: would you be so kind as to let people know of the following anarchistfilm (feature/documentary) channel:At might like to note that two new documentaries ‹ The Angry Brigade and'Persons Unknown'‹ have now been added to the Anarchist History channel onthe Anarchist History channelPlease note that you can have these films shown freely on your own websiteby applying to join the affiliate/syndication programme

atwww.brightecove.com we ask you to do is send us the url and a brief description about thewebsite where the Player will be located. It's dead simple, really!See also Radical Films OnlineFour new films posted on the ChristieBooks Brightcove film channelViva Zapata! (1952) on! (Quemada!) (1969) on on - Memoria Sindical on http://www.tvhastingschristiebooks.comChristieBooks, PO Box 35, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 2UX, UK---

AnarchoTV Live Interactive Internet Television Station! Schedule *Regular broadcasts* Saturdays 12am - late evening : Democracy Now! Omnibus Full schedule - Recently Added to Film Archive Answer Time, Episode 1 - Housing Scotland Against Criminalising Communities talk 2007 Joel Kovel on Overcoming Zionism at Glasgow University 2008 Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty launch meeting An archive of past events filmed by the channel can be found by clickingthe "Film Archive" link on the website Contactwebsite: http://anarchotvscotland.blogspot.comemail:

---Variant Magazine - Spring issue out now Variant 31 Spring 2008 free, independent, arts magazine. In-depth coveragein the context of broader social, political & cultural issues.text : full issue pdf : full issue * A fully accessible archive of back issues is freelyavailable at the Variant web site:* Please contact us if you wish to distribute newspapercopies of Variant magazine. ---**************

HOUSING---New Housing Co-operative for Glasgow - ongoingWould you like to become involved in a new Housing Co-operative in Glasgow?We are looking for people to help start a housing and community project withthe aim to co-create a communal living place and also to provide spaces andcreate situations for a wide-range of cultural and political events.We are an open collective based on mutual aid and trust who would like tohear from people who are interested in making a colourful and welcominghome.As we wish to help shape our communities and contribute to social andenvironmental change, we also envisage the opening of a space that acts as aneighbourhood hub. This might involve facilitating a self-organisedcommunity centre, a not-for-profit café and bookshop, the setting up ofstudios for local artists, workshops for workers’ co-operatives, officespace for campaign groups, producing a vegetable garden, and so on.Should you wish to contact us for more information, please feel free************

Feminist network meeting - Tuesday 8th April

To reflect on what we've done so far, and work out how we're going to do things from now on.7 - 9pm, in the Boyd Orr building, Glasgow University. will see signs directing you to the room we'll be in.THIS MEETING IS WOMEN ONLY.We will be having a collection on the day to contribute to babysitter costs.This will of course depend on the generosity of everyone attending, so while we would hope to be able to cover the complete cost of your babysitter, this cannot be guaranteed.--- --- *********************

GATHERINGS ---BIG BLETHER 6 - Friday 9th – Sunday 11th May Talamh Life Centre,(30miles south of Glasgow) BB is a biennial meeting place for activists to share ideas,information and enthusiasm and to create action out ofinspiration. There will be workshops on Saturday and Sunday. Some topics we hope include: meditation, climate change issues,creative campaigning, transition towns, nuclear resistance,practical activism, activist films, yoga, permaculture, local foodnetworks, and woodland crafts. Are you interested in putting on a workshop? BB is thecreation of everyone who comes; if you have an idea please email with a brief description. BB is a non-profit organisation and entrance will be by donation on the gate. If you need disabled access/accomodation, or want to discuss any of these issues, please contact Roz at Talamh on 01555 820550. If you are interested in putting on a kid’s event, orhelping out, please email Games for EVERYONE(not just kids) will be programmed in for sure! Detailed information on how to get to Talamh, includingpublic transport info and pick-ups, is posted on the BB

Talamh’s address is: Talamh, Birkhill House,Coalburn, South Lanarkshire, ML11 0NJ
For more info:

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