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Monday, February 23, 2009

Walkin and Talkin - City Stroll - 7 March 12: 00 Govan underground

Walk and Talk
A city stroll from Govan to city centre taking in some sites from Glasgow's
radical past. Culminating in a talk/discussion presented by John Couzins,
author of the book "Radical Glasgow"

Meet-up at Govan Underground 11-45 for 12 00

12: 00 Start of walk into town along the river Dropping off at Sunny Govan
Radio, on the way. Across Bells bridge - down the riverside to Cheapside,
up through the "business district" to: Electron Club at Centre for
Contemporary Arts for tea, and where John Couzins will give a talk
slide-show on the history of radical Glasgow.

The event is organised by Glasgow Social Centre group. GSC are hoping to
open a social centre. This event is part of research to inform what
function a social centre could play in the community.

All ages welcome FREE


While we all watch television business gets organised.

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