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Monday, December 01, 2008

Events Updates

There is a short event in Glasgow prior to the climate change demo on Sat the 6th (in Mono between 10.00 and 12.00). Brief details below
This is designed to build on the Social Forum on Climate Change and Peak Oil held in Edinburgh in October and to build towards a series of social fora on different topics with the eventual aim of a Scottish Social Forum

We, the Scottish Climate Change Campaign, are organizing a climate march on Saturday 6th December, as part of the Global Day of Action during the United Nations Climate Talks in Poznan , December 1st to 12th 2008, to call on UK politicians and world leaders to take urgent action on climate change.

We would be grateful if you could promote the march within your organization. Please find attached a poster and a template email/letter which you could also forward to your members or use in a newsletter.

If you would like some hard copies of the poster please email us your postal address at

For a full programme of the day, please visit our website on You can also get a feel for the global nature of the day on the site.
Below are also details on:
*Transition films being shown in the CCA on Friday the 5th
*Details of the climate march and rally on the 6th (with stalls and workshops subsequently at Caledonian University)
*Radical Independent Bookfair event in the STUC on the 6th

Note there is also a clash with the Amnesty conference on human rights!

NEXT - Glasgow’s Radical Independent Book-fair project...

STUC centre
333 Woodlands Road
G3 6NG
(near Kelvinbridge U)


All events are FREE ENTRY

12.00am - 8.00pm

FULL listings of events -


- A brand new part of the RiB is 'the *book swap* box' - bring in a book that you have finished with and exchange it for another one free of charge (old or new it doesn't matter) - a book that has affected you and you think will motivate someone else...interesting political books, stimulating social commentary, thought provoking critiques etc - in other words don't bring in any old crap - no 'celebrity' memoirs, populist fiction etc...please note the ethos of this idea is 'leave the box as you would hope to find it' - we hope you get the idea!

- As well as the usual mix of stalls we have additional tables from Unity, the Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Group and the Anarchist Federation... we also have new journals from the Spokesman, new t-shirts and badges from No Sweat as well as latest issues of the Anarchist Critic, Burgh Angel, Reel News, Scottish Left Review, Resistance, Source and Mute as well as lots of other new stock.

- For this event we have chosen the RiB top twelve - a mixture of new / bargain / best sellers / recommended reads for you...

* Solidarity and Greetings - last chance to pick up some IWW
fundraising cards.

* AFAQ - its big, its bright, its brilliant - the book some of us
have been keenly awaiting is finally here.

* A Century of Spin - David Millar and William Dinan uncover the
machinations of PR industry...

* We the Anarchists! - a study of the Iberian Anarchist Federation
(FAI) - a new AK Press edition of Stuart Christie's book.

* The Atheist - a cracking short story of rebellious youth by Alan

* On Fire - the battle of Genoa and the anti-capitalist movement -
still one of the bargain buys of the bookfair.

* Radical Glasgow - a must have (or must read anyway!) - John
Couzin's skeletal sketch of Glasgow's radical tradition - still a
popular and important book.

* Variant - issues 32 and 33 - if you have not yet read the article
that prompted the banning of the magazine by Culture & Sport
Glasgow... then you can still pick up copies.

* Not Cancelled - a new sticker from angry artworks (an accompanying
T-shirt will be available soon!).

* Zionism - the real enemy of the Jews - one of the only places in
Glasgow to get volume 1 of Alan Hart's detailed indictment.

* Victim of Geography - go to the launch and/or watch it in the
videotheque and/or buy the film to take away.

* Coffee - the book-fair would not be complete without one of our
favourite stimulants! - Feral trade beans or Zapatista espresso -
you choose. (And there may be some vegan coffee cake too!!!!)


Just to remind you all that the African dance and drum classes with Erick Valentine Mauricia have started again at the Pearce Institute in Govan on a Monday night from 6.30 – 7.30. (flier attached)

The class is suitable for all levels so come along and keep fit, learn new skills and meet new friends. It is FREE. No need to book just turn up and children are also welcome.Please circulate to friends and colleagues.
Angela Gardiner

Community Inclusion Coordinator

Govan Housing Association

Based at LUV Gallery, 1226 Govan Road G51 4RA

Tel: 0141 445 5100



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