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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Are you interested to hear ideas and engage in thought provoking talks that try
to be erudite while accessible?

The eighth in a series of West of Scotland Community conferences will take
place on Saturday 18th April 2009 at Holyrood Secondary School, 60 Dixon
Road, Crosshill, Govanhill, Glasgow.

Registration starts at 9.30am and the conference begins at 10am. Admission
is free but donations from organisations and individuals are most welcome.

Speakers will include: Dr Chik Collins on Welfare Reform; Dr Sarah Glyn on Housing; Elinor McKenzie of the Scottish Pensioners Forum, Liz McCaffcerty of the local Schools 'n' Nursery Campaign, and those working to improve understanding of and the conditions of the recent immigrants to Govanhill.DEFENDING SCHOOLS, HOUSING AND SOCIAL JUSTICE – OPPOSING DISCRIMINATION AND CUTS

In Govanhill, we are a Scotch broth mix with eastern promise – Jewish, Irish, Pakistani, Chinese, African, and Polish, Russian, Arab, Iranian. Over the years most of us have mixed in well, while retaining and developing our new local unique identities, though there have been short term problems.

The most recent addition to our community of communities are the Roma. Are you are interested in drama? Recently there has been plenty of drama in our area due to the scope for misunderstanding between cultural groups and the role of the authorities hovering over each situation usually reacting, if at all, too little too late to each crisis. And lurking behind the facade of multicultural musings is the reality of Fortress Europe and the ‘cold hand’ of neoliberal economics as written into the Treaty of Lisbon. What does all this do for the development of language and understanding in 21st century Scotland? What does all that mean? Come along and find out.

If you think you might be interested in communicating with other people who may be encouraged to think and learn from each others' words, please get back to me by email: or by phone 07826 834 116 (as we would like to have some idea of numbers for the caterers). On reply you will also be forwarded an up-to-date Conference Programme.

Please forward this email to whoever you think may be interested.

Please see attached and poster here:

Scottish Anti Poverty Movement

Bob, 22:49


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