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Monday, October 13, 2008

60th Anniversary of Human Rights Declaration discussion 2pm - Sunday 19th October

A panel discussion at Document 6 : International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2pm - Sunday 19th October (free but ticketed)
CCA (Centre For Contemporary Arts), 350 Sauchiehall St., Glasgow The July 2008 United Nations' human rights report exposes the very bleak but realistic condition of civil liberties in the UK. It criticises many different areas of law and government policy, frequently returning to the chilling erosion of civil liberties under the creation of terrorism laws and attacks on freedom of expression in the guise of libel and secrecy laws.

On the 60th Anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration, a panel of speakers will give presentations on the human rights issues that are so prevalent in their work and which have directly impacted on their lives. The ensuing discussion will concentrate on the effects the UK government's laws are having on the rights to freedom of expression, life and liberty.


Aamar Anwar - solicitor and human rights campaigner acquitted of unprecedented contempt of court legal proceedings following statements he made last September after the conviction for “terrorism” of his client Mohammed Atif Siddique.

Asif Siddique - brother of Atif Siddique.

Neil Davidson - academic, civil servant, and activist in the Public and Commercial Services Union, author of the award winning 'The Origin of Scottish Nationhood' (2000) and 'Discovering the Scottish Revolution, 1692-1746' (2003).

Desmond Fernandes - campaigner on issues relating to the criminalisation of asylum seekers and refugee communities in the UK.

Yassamine Mather - academic and Hands Off the People of Iran (HOPI) campaigner.


Daniel Jewesbury - co-editor, Variant magazine

Document 6 - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival
16th-19th October, CCA, Glasgow

Document 6 - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 16th-19th October, CCA, Glasgow
In its sixth year, Document is Scotland's first ever independent international film festival dedicated to screening documentaries that reflect on a wide range of international human rights concerns. It is a festival that has come out of community and reflects the concerns of community. The festival brings films from around the world to inform, challenge and inspire a local audience, and to support filmmakers whose work has international resonance as an act of witness.

Variant magazine, it is an independent, critical arts & culture publication providing coverage in the context of broader social and political issues. Variant has editorials based in Glasgow and Belfast. A fully accessible archive can be found at:

Event supported by: Variant, Autonomi, Scottish Arts Council, NUJ, Document 6

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