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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Views From The Peak

27 April 2008 - Queens Park Allotment – Midday Onwards
Peak Oil and Glasgow Discs, bring instruments and bring food.
Thinking Transition
Transition Initiatives seek to engage whole communities in finding practical alternatives to the current fossil fuel-led systems and lifestyles, leading to the creation of an Energy Descent Plana timetabled plan for a community to move to a lower energy future which is abundant, truly sustainable, re-localised and beautiful. With the challenges of peak oil and climate change on the horizon it makes sense to start planning a resilient local infrastructure now while there is still plenty of time to think.

Creating Transition
Transition Initiatives are meant to help unleash the collective genius of the community in understanding the issues presented by peak oil. Over the course of the summer Views From The Peak will be discussing transition initiatives in Glasgow in terms of what peak oil means to the city in terms of food, transport, education, housing, green spaces, art, health, waste, energy, and tourism.
Open Transition

Views from the Peak is open to everybody. It will be organised non-hierarchically and aims to encourage mutual aid, compassion, tolerance, and kinship. It also aims to encourage the proliferation of ecological, social, and creative commons in Glasgow.
Transition Initiative in the Pipelineussion – Collective Allotment Project - Food Not Bombs Free Picnic – Seedy Scotland Seed Swap – Guerrilla Gardening – BYO Art – Get Random

Bring tools, bring skills, bring instruments and bring food.
Bob, 13:00


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